1. Elise Virak

    Open Chronicles Rules of the Game

    Yrai - The Savannah Elise sat in a ostentatiously large carriage slowly winding down one of the only roads leading to the Plains City of Yrai. Opposite her sat another of her fellow dignitaries, and there were several more carriages in the small convoy along with a dozen Dreadlords and over...
  2. Peripta

    Open Chronicles Fish Out of Water

    Peripta hadn't known the victim. He didn't know many land-dwellers personally. But her presence on the river bank, bloody and beaten, hadn't gone unnoticed, Especially by him. A few quick moments to pull her away from the water's edge and leave her noticeable for the next fisherman who ventured...
  3. Kaelen Silverblood

    LFG - Quest Mystmarch Calls

    I am looking for those interested in RPing on the 2 big islands north of the Taagi Baara Steppes. What I am after is getting this region recognized as the Storm Isles and kingdom of Mystmarch. I'm good for threads ranging from trade to diplomacy to just casual interactions. These can range from...