1. Baise

    Private Tales Hexed

    "He's turned off the road, into the woods!" "In a hurry." "Get after him!" The pack of bandits had been trailing the travellers for nearly an hour, waiting for darkness to fall. They had passed the man and his son on the road. With such extravegent clothes and a fine instrument the man had...
  2. Cassandra Galanis

    Private Tales A Day in the Sun

    There along a road in the countryside of the Allirian Reach, surrounded by wheat fields on one side and a treeline on the other, a gaunt young woman with red hair shambled forward like the living dead. The wind which gently blew over the wheat fields to her right, causing the stalks to sway...
  3. Elle Selena

    Open Chronicles The Sun Bears Down On Alliria

    A black horse bearing a rider clad in a loose, flowing black robe with a pointed witch's hat approached the small, unassuming village of Loring in the Allirian Reach. The heat was unbearable, especially for those used to more temperate climes, as crops were beginning to wilt and wither, and the...