1. Garrod Arlette

    Completed A Conversation at The Fool's End

    The room he had gotten was spartan, save for a little desk and chair that were almost quaint beside the wall. Garrod laid his sword against the wall near the bed, and began to undo his armor. Practice made it relatively easy work. Bracer first, then boots and greaves. Then... he looked into the...
  2. Raphael Thrice

    Completed Just Before Departure.

    Never hurt to stock up before you abandoned your entire way of life for something that could get you killed. Maybe if the young mage had any sort of life skills, he'd know exactly what he needed. Rations, water, a map, that sort of thing. That is not what Raphael had learned in his twenty-four...
  3. Llewen Merrick

    Fate - First Reply A Walk Through the Snowy City Streets

    The city of Mardus was greater than Llewen could have imagined; he did not realize that this was the Kingdom to which he owed his loyalty and station as a Knight. The towering walls, especially those of the great keep, loomed over him as his brown Palfrey, Rosemary, slowly walked through the...