church of jura

  1. Boesarius Terral

    Fable - Ask Scourge

    Four Gildan Regulators caught them in the field outside Ushak, a farming village close to Gild. The two sidhe so captured were two of the group elusive Fae who had plagued Ushak for some time now. The circumstances in Ushak suggested to Boesarius that there were collaborators among the...
  2. Leah Kadashal

    Private Tales Propriety

    GILD "You must be quickly growing accustomed to this duty," said Bashrahip Mustafa Junnal. Leah Kadashal once again stood in his office chamber inside of the Temple of the Everburning Flame. Once again she had been summoned for the task of Clemency, of being a handler for a claimant thereof...
  3. Nemeska Elissal

    Fable - Ask A Few Devils

    Nemeska Elissal practiced smiling before her mirror everyday. Always did she begin while dressing herself, staring into the mirror as her hands, accustomed to their motions, went about their work near entirely of their own accord. The trick was to ensure that her smile reached her eyes. This was...