1. Chasmine

    Fable - Ask Dread No More

    This is a spin-off thread from The Anniversary of Freedom Though the day was slowly wearing on under the warm glow of the sun, the festival's activity had not let up one bit. In fact, it had become nearly impossible to navigate through the crowds as people continued to arrive from far-out...
  2. Chasmine

    Fable - Ask A Spectral Howl

    The old forest. Not a place most occupants of the Dreadlord Academy frequented of their own volition. Few paths existed save the ones used to tread between distant academic building or graveyard. To forge off the paths was to take ones life in their hands, for there was more than simply...
  3. Chasmine

    Fable - Ask A little slice of life [Dreadkids]

    The day was overcast but warm, the sort of afternoon a student of the Academy could likely be found spending free period out and about to enjoy the break between days of rain. Chasmine was one such student, but unlike many of the others milling about and being useless, as the Proctors liked to...