1. Vanya Valentine

    Quest Of Monsters & Men | Questing Campaign

    "What? Trouble? In Falwood? Darlin, nothin ever happens out in these woods~" The Old Mill Innkeeper Enigmatic hell hounds croon havoc, vexation upon the sands, while the predatory, apex of the beast remains nestled within the safety of sovereign jungle walls. They suckle, drink heavily at thee...
  2. Sigfrith Runecarver

    LFG - Quest We Must Reclaim Our Long-Forgotten Homes

    So, Eobe and I have been working on putting together an overarching campaign focusing on the Dwarven clans that have been dispossessed from their ancestral homes and building up to reclaim them, being the Runecarver halls and the kingdom of Khazar. This is a more long-reaching campaign, with...
  3. Joane Steelheart

    Open Chronicles Sands of Glory

    Amol-Kalit Joane wasn't even sure of the name of this town. It was one of the countless towns like it, ruled by its own small-king, managing its own affairs, and trying to ally itself with the most powerful of the seven cities. She wasn't sure which one of those was the most powerful either...