calignous church

  1. Abandon

    Private Tales That Hat Is Out of Fashion

    Elbion was her favorite place to hunt in. Hundreds of shingled rooftops piled on top of each other. Dark alleyways and ruined buildings left behind in the aftermath of the Great Dragoning of 370, and despite it all the city's beautiful, well-educated civilians had still not learned to keep their...
  2. Love

    Fable - Ask Everybody Wants to Rule The World

    Alliria This city, with its massive towers that touched the very edges of the clouds and the slums that sank into the deepest dredges of scum beneath the earth, was not so unlike a beating heart that lie at the very core of the great expanse of land they all called their home. The streets and...
  3. Tal

    Fable - Ask A Bargain for Death

    On the very edges of Tyr, where only those without option and the scum found themselves, walked a man. He wore a cloak, though not to hide his identity, but rather to stop the soft patter of rain to land on his head. Behind him walked two beautiful nubian women, neither of them having the same...