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    Going On 2-day hiatus

    Be safe and well. See you again soon.
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    Greetings. May you find the fun your looking for here! Whether with Pandora, or any other character you make. :)
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    Back after some offline difficulties

    Thank you all! I might jump back into my old characters when I feel more comfortable doing so. But I'm kinda looking forward to easing back in with a new guy: Xithispk of the Extinct Xilnae Hive of Chi'Xilixi from Southern Malakath. So if anyone fancies some interesting adventures or odd...
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    A hiveless insectoid
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    Back after some offline difficulties

    Hello. It's been some time since I've been able to get on the internet. But now I am back and ready to roleplay. :)
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    LFG or 1x1 characters need friends, rivals, and love interests

    After a bit of downtime due to life taking me away from writing, I am back. And I wanna play. Specifically looking for situations and relationships for my two most enjoyable characters to play. One is an orcish mercenary and blessing/bane of tavern owners everywhere, Gurash Gloomrunner. During...
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    Oh, here I come, crawling back into your imaginations, friends!

    Hi! I'm back to play again. Starting slow so bare with me. I'm going to be bringing Karanon Ulventhral and Shaera back first. And then maybe Gurash Gloomrunner if I need some humor. And then we'll see. Anyone who used to RP with my characters though, feel free to get in touch again. I'm open to...
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    I am getting the sicks I think. Might take at least a few days to get replies for my characters...

    I am getting the sicks I think. Might take at least a few days to get replies for my characters. Apologies.
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    Hello good people of the realm. This seems like a pretty unique forum. Once I saw how user friendly and signposted everything was I decided I had to give it a try. I just got done making a sub account for my first character, and I look forward to getting into it. ~Arach0~