Queen Regent Endellion d'Pegaeae

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Endellion d'Pegaeae

A fair sea nymph, once proud to hold her royal crown, now turns to the lifestyle of a savage wayward vagabond. Independent of organizations due to her distrusting nature, she is a lonesome spirit with naught but a bought crew to man her ship, The Prismatic Peril.

Endellion d'Pegaeae

Biographical information
Iksmere 68 The Prismatic Peril
Physical description
Rusalka Female 6'10" 210 Black Azure Navy
Political information
None Plunderer, Enslaver, Mercenary, Professional Thief
Out-of-character information
VYR June 6th, 2019


As a Rusalka, an ancient breed of deep sea dwelling humanoids, her race has evolved very little overtime, still mirroring the image of the ancestors before. Living in the darkest depths of the raging ocean rendered the development of bulbous eyes for better absorption and reflection of light, consequently causing sensitivity to brightness and intensity to it when near or on the surface. This problem is usually subsided with the aid of her transparent set of eyelids, one of two. Being a predatory sentient species, her jaw is composed of several disjointed bones held together with flexible cartilage, allowing her maw unhinging capabilities to a certain extent in order to deliver devastating injury with the double rows of sharp, canine-like teeth. Her hair is short and curly, pearls and beads braided into it while what is left free droops in front of her face.

Her face and body is primarily smooth to promote speed and agility when moving in water, although patches of scales with a texture akin to sandpaper spot the sides and back of her body as a protective layer. Her appendages are elongated and spiny, packed with raw muscle capable of propelling her through the water. Webbing connects her fingers together, and sails stretch along the forearms, spine, and calves, which can be fanned outward in an act of intimidation besides their natural use as assistance to navigation. Gills fold along her neck and rib cage while her fins sprawl out from the face where typical humanoid ears grow; no two Rusalki truly look alike, as differences in fins, spines, and patterns are unique to the individual. Her skin is dark with navy and deep fuchsia spotting, the pattern resembling that of a leopard.

Queen Regent Endellion is the matriarch of the Rusalki. She stands just below 7' in height, a terrifying sight to behold. (Unlike Kivren, she and her people lack a tail and instead have humanoid legs.) Most notably long and lean for the sake of fluidity when swimming, Endellion does have broad shoulders and a muscular build for merfolk, usually flexed for scare tactics as she takes heavy pride in her massive frame. The fins across her body are all spiny with sharp barbs pointing the edges, a slimy flesh-like webbing connecting the odd-numbered spines, including the ones perched atop her cheekbones. Her gills are ruffled and extravagant, further proof of her royal lineage. A single bulb protrudes from the crown of her skull.

The presence of fins and gills greatly increases the difficulty of wearing proper armor. While there is natural protection with the rough layer of scales, shells, scrap metals, and rags are often fashioned to the body as a form of makeshift armor. The Queen is no exception to this rule, wrapping collected pieces from her victims around her arms, legs, and chest to better protect herself; this includes her most prized possession, a silvery gold wristband latched around her forearm encrusted with jewels. Endellion has a preference for the finer things, doing her best to upkeep her appearance as well as a ravenous, bloodthirsty sea dwelling species can.

Skills and Abilities

Skilled in savagery and intuitive battle strategies, Endellion's years of piracy forced her to adapt to the necessity of force and execution. She is by no means specifically trained other than minimal protective tactics with an edged spear and fails to successfully perform magic, mainly relying on her sheer ridiculous strength to successfully carve her way through brawls. Her aquatic nature allows her to freely pass through both air and water, with capabilities to dive deep down into the depths, often dragging victims with her descent; however, because of this, she is especially susceptible to high temperatures, almost always fleeing at the sight of enemy fire.


A character of extreme wit and intelligence, Endellion is quite successful in talking her way out of situations, or speaking for such a painfully prolonged amount of time the other party is confused and therefore successfully distracted with her mindless babble so that she may truly delve into mastermind mechanics to craft her way through confrontation. Charismatic when she so chooses, the pirate nee queen prefers to spit acidulous commentary and threats as opposed to bothering with kindness. With her attitude swaying between mildly flirtatious to nothing short of verbal annihilation, she is a woman of whirlwind reactivity. She is prone to use her niche beauty to her advantage, but always falls back to violence in the case that silver-tongued banter fails.

Biography & Lore

Once the diamandiferous empress of the wealthy Rusalki city, Iksmere, the Rusalka Queen now lives in defamation and castlessness as her crown -- and, ultimately, species -- fell to the barbaric domination of humanity’s proprietary savagery. The Rusalki boasted greatly of their deep sea treasures, including the pilfered items of storm-wrecked ships and erected memorabilia of sunken civilizations, and their ultimately small island of inlets and the raised city stood little chance against the infuriated plundering of savage piracy and colonial invasion. While she and her people relate to the Kivren in their hostility towards other races, and as such maintained a successful stronghold for centuries, they ultimately fell due to the failure of Endellion as figurehead.

The queen allowed the presence of land dwelling peoples and, with time, subjected her population to the cruelty of man. Thievery and murder existed well before the integration of races, but the rebellious influence of foreigners led her to retract her trade agreement -- an offense not without consequence. Despite being a congregation of marauders specializing in apex predation, the waves of naval fleets and warmongering posses slighted the seafolk with an unforgiving onslaught of fire, spreading into the very foundation of the capitol. With the infrastructure that once reached the heavens now crashing down, the true home of the sea dwelling people flattened under massive boulders and corpses, rendering Iksmere nothing more than a wasteland -- both above ground and below.

She and the survivors of the eradication evaded the massacrists and devolved into cowering, rabid sea folk, extremely aggressive and confrontational in the face of other life forms with no exceptions -- a notable difference to the excruciatingly forced peace and mercy of before. No longer striving towards gains in intellect and philosophy under a unified crown, the Rusalki split into two separate tribes: those still loyal to Endellion, and a fanatical cloud of zealots vowing to return the once great race to their former glory. The queen is no stranger to barbarism, but the murderous faction truly gives new meaning to the deadly nature already inherent in Rusalki.

The Queen's failure ultimately led to her descent into arguable madness. As she is now alone with sparse alliances under her belt, the predatory instinct to survive overrules rational thought. Brutality is second nature to her, having long since abandoned the once precious necessity of civility during her reign of nobility. Now a ruthless pirate herself with scarcely any people to call her own, she ravages the seas with her contracted crew of killers, storming ports and villages for glory and gold.

The only true accomplishment Endellion possesses is the re-attainment of Iksmere. With her army of savages and enslaved parsels of humanity and dwarves, the once great floating city has been rebuilt upon the ashes and ruins of its successor, now serving as the central hive and focal point for her operations. As her numbers slowly climb, the queen’s merciless reach grows wider and wider, forcing the retreat of nearby settlements as they succumb to the wrath of the crestfallen monarch.

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