Biographical information
The Spine Middling The Spine
Physical description
Orc Male Tall Broad Black Gray Grayish-Green
Political information
Skullriders War Chief
Out-of-character information
Thronebreaker October 29, 2019 Orc Head Study by Manzanedo

When the skin drums beat in the rising of the blood sun, Khurash comes.

The orc wears his hair in a single tail, with bone piercings through his nose and each ear. He often wears only a loincloth or pants. Although he is merely the height of a man, he is broad of shoulder, with a chest like an ox.

Raised between the peaks of the Spine and the Wda, Khurash grew up in an unforgiving climate plagued by roving war bands crossing over from the steppes, dwarven clans to the south, and the fearsome jotun in the mountains.

Khurash might have been the First Spear of his tribe, or perhaps even chieftain, if he had not gotten his warg killed and himself expelled from his tribe for an act of cowardice. Now he wanders from band to band, a roving warrior for hire.

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