Kaska Belaire

Biographical information
Alliria 24 Alliria
Physical description
human female 5"6' Average Black Dark White and freckled
Political information
Allirian Ranger
Out-of-character information

Kaska is the daughter of a Bren Berlaire, a Major in the the Allirian Rangers. Both her parents served with the rangers, and by some coincidence, so did their parents before them. When her mother became pregnant with her her father fondly insisted she was going to follow in their footsteps and become a ranger too. There was never any chance for her mother to provide a buffer for this expectation. She died in childbirth, leaving the distraught Major with a newborn daughter and distorted methods for raising her.

She was raised like a ranger-- everything from the way he spoke to her to the way he dealt with her tantrums very military.

She became an impressive fighter, following in her fathers footsteps. But her fathers methods didn't allow her to have a voice, or to explore any form of self-expression. She became the perfect little solider. When she was inducted into the rangers at 18, she found herself free from him for the first time. It was an exciting moment in her life. For the first time, she thought she had the chance to decide who she would be. But his legacy followed her everywhere she went. The Major's Daughter. She hated it.

She found her voice then, and it often got her into trouble. She climbed through the ranks abnormally slow, and it was often suggested behind closed doors that it was just her father's pull that got her promoted anywhere at all. Despite her talent, she showed a lack of dedication and a lackadaisical attitude that could jeopardize missions.

She's prideful, elitist, and at times cruel. But when she sets her mind to a task, she does it all to a t. She's the dot the i and cross the t kinda gal. When she feels like it.

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