Biographical information
Seret Mountains 320 N/A
Physical description
Orc Ogre Male Very Tall Very Heavy Black Gray Mottled Blue
Political information
Out-of-character information
Thronebreaker September 17, 2018 Hamsterfly

Though a lumbering ogre from the peaks of the Seret, Grozkalla was trained by a reclusive order of assassins. His armor is light, his hide thick, and his weapons sharp. In a fight, he wields all manner of weapons, from bow to blade. He's no sneak-thief and is one of the blunter arrows in the quiver of the assassins. Even so, his blades have claimed not a few lives in Amol-Kalit.

He prays most often to Naspar, the Scarab. Though he looks like little more than a brute, with his deepset eyes and immense bulk, Kalla is well read and is studied in the concepts of the various schools of magic, though not their practice.
Categories: Category Orcs

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