Godfrey Urahil

Godfrey Urahil

Biographical information
Vel Anir 342
Physical description
Human Male 6'4" 210lbs Gold Blue Fair
Political information
Vel Anir
Out-of-character information
Thronebreaker September 11, 2018 Alon Chou, Siege of Lisbon

The second son of a cadet branch of Urahil, Godfrey is all but disinherited from the House for his bawdy carousing and shameful fraternization with non-humans. Although he still serves the crown of Vel Anir, he currently resides in Alliria.

Trained by blade masters from the time he could first hold a sword, Godfrey boasts an impressive martial prowess. He can sit the saddle with the best of them and his love of the hunt is widely known. These traits, along with his oafishly stentorian good humor are perhaps the only things that prevent him from being banished from the realm entirely.

But a few years back, Godfrey oft frequented a tavern run by an orc, which was unseemly in its own right. By chance some lordling did wheedle the orcish barkeep so with his words, until at last Godfrey upended the table, quick tempered as is his wont. He challenged the lordling to a duel and the lordling could only accept for fear of losing honor, but the man knew, as did Godfrey and all the others, that the duel would be little more than an execution. Godfrey, too into his wine to care, clove the man in twain. And all for the sake of an orc.

It was the scandal of the city for a week or more, though like as not since forgotten.

Disfavored at court, Godfrey sojourned to Alliria with his warhorse, Thunder, to win fame and fortune in some quest or other and thus win back his good name in Vel Air.

He uses antlers in all of his decorating.
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