Aristeia Darke

Aristeia Darke

Biographical information
The Dreamlands 22 The Waking Realm
Physical description
Human Female 5 feet 8 inches 150lb Icy Silver Grey Peach & Ivory Complexion
Political information
Out-of-character information
Art of Joohei

An unwanted heir and princess to a Kingdom only found in dreams, Aristeia was left in the hands of the King’s army until they too rid their hands of her burden. She was gifted an ability to go between the Dreamlands and to the Waking Realm, where she now resides and continues her work as the Guardian, able to enter dreams and fight against monstrous nightmares in whichever form an individual needs to not succumb to the dread of night terrors.


Aristeia takes after her dearly departed mother, tall and slender with pale hair and an honest face. Her grey eyes she inherited from her father, who is also responsible for scarring her right eye and rendering Aristeia partially blind.

Skills and Abilities

Proficient in archery, sword wielding, and in tracking, Aristeia prefers use of a quarterstaff or lance. She is most famed for her patience, which aids in her work in interrogations. Above all else, she is capable of entering dreams at will, and in some cases able to render someone into a deep slumber.


At first Aristeia takes on a reserved manner, choosing to be professional and neutral at most. When she is warmed by friendship and good company, she is found to be clever, hard working, and charismatic.

Biography & Lore

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