What is the shortest video game you've ever played?

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umer asad

My is the *** . The whole game is maybe about 4 hours long. but You can keep playing it over and over and unlock new characters costumes and levels. And each time you beat the game the people you unlock in story for arcade mode go up in their stats. So it amy take longer than four hour but it is really fun.
this is one of my most favorite games even though its short so whats your shortest game?
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There was a series of Flash games called "Sonny" and "Sonny 2" that were fairly short. Fastest I could beat the game was a couple hours. If I took my time to be over leveled and 100% then I would likely double the time.

Another one is called "Ruiner" A top-down dual stick shooter that has a character only known as "Puppy" that is trying to find his brother that was captured by "The Boss" and so you hunt down this Boss. Game in total took me about 6 hours to complete the main story, but to 100% it, it took me almost 40 hours with the different trophies and such. (I also wanted to find everything on my own, so I didn't look up any FAQ or How to Guides.)


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There is a very short interactive and free game on steam that takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

It's called Marie's Room, told from the perspective of a woman going into a room of a friend and reminiscing about their time as kids. A small mystery unfolds as you search through her past about what happened to her. It's well put together and for a free game was worth it.