Lore [Utility] The Rumour mill and News post.


Have you heard...

painting by Agnostino Carracci

Welcome traveller, welcome to the Rumour Mill, where we mill rumours and spread the word about the myriad of happenings in the whole wide world. Some true, some false, but enticing nonetheless.

The world of Arethil is large and many events transpire over time, while the visible wounds of those events may be scars and the perpetrators long gone, the spoken word always finds a way. Sometimes things may be just too hard to track over so many threads and some other topics may remain in the public consciousness for a long time (coughcoughsiegeofbelgrathscough). On other times you may want to point out a particular character of notoriety or simply impressive yet dubious services. Or maybe you just need an interesting topic to gossip about or converse. Getting the word out on some recent happenings might give good way as well.

Post your relevant discussions and individual rumours or news down, including important information like:
Title of the rumour/news. (Preferably an extremely watered-down version of the content of the rumour)
Is it a rumour or news? *
Origin of the rumour and rough spread/prevalence. Is your rumour spoken only among certain classes and creeds of people, or among the general public? Is it more common in one group of people than the other?
Perhaps link revelant threads for more in depth information.
And lastly the content of the rumour/news.

Have fun and and spread the word ;)