Open Chronicles Under the shade of Kemuri.



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5th of Afterglow, midday. East of mount kemuri, the lush forests.
It is raining.

Jaaku stood on a perch under the mighty trees. Beneath the thick folliage the water would dribble still all over the mighty birds.

It was so much warmer, so much warmer and it created rivers from snow that gushed down the mountain slopes to join the river that flowed beneath.

I am alone...He has her. Jaaku thought to herself as rain passed down her silky feathers.
She was mutated, not like the rest of the short-feathered flock.
And now her brother, her only conpanion has her.

Tsubasaaa, she rumbled in disgust in her head, letting out a squee. The gray mistress of the sky was the largest in the flock, and she nested with her brother.

Masaru on the nearby branch, opposite of her shrieked.

Jaaku huffed as she gazed ar the light yellow eagle. His feathers were pale and his back was brown, his head was bald white and his eyes were blind.

Flock is far. Masaru tried to spark conversation.

You need not be here. Snapped Jaaku with a shriek.

Jaaku leaving?
Masaru was worried.

No. Jaaku not leaving.
She ruffled her feathers.
What was this? Deception and lies?

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Masaru downed his head and gazed in an unspecified direction while Jaaku looked up.

White, dark white was the sky and the higher the trees sloped the less they were visible. The very mountain tip of Kemuri was hidden in fog.

Masaru. Jaaku lowered her head, staring at her companion.

The blind giant eagle rose his, yet his gaze was averted.

Tell Yoji I love him. With powerful swings she rose to the air, each beat a small labour.

Jaaku? The male kawed.

He was alone now.


Each beat of wings brought her higher and higher, but if only the water on her wings were not as heavy.

In a final swoop she broke through the low hanging rainclouds, and see this above: below a sea of white. It was clear it was sunny, and even the tips of the mountains were to be seen.

No intention to return, that is right. Jaaku reaffirmed her stance in her head as her wings carried her far across unseen lands.

She had time to think things over, for hours and hours if possible, but if only she were dry.


No no, Yoji did not need Jaaku. No. Yoji has Tsubasa.

Tsubasa big and powerful. Tsubasa kind and proud.

What is Jaaku.
Jaaku messy, Jaaku fly bad, Jaaku feathers heavy long.

She lowered the brows, the cold wind chilling off the water on her wings.


Jaaku misses home.

She flapped her wings and glided back into the white clouds, descending and descending untill her feet trodded into into deep mud. Around her only terraces of rice paddies and small settlements for as long as one could see.

Still raining.


In the heavy showers, the rice fileds were vacant, yet in this horrid weather some people still wandered outside.
They crouched and observed, but Jaaku cared little. She preened her silky neck feathers and the others only observed, some raising their gardening tools before slowly walking off and away. There was livestock to secure.


The great eagle ruffled it's feathers. It won't do much to fly now. Feathers too heavy, wet. Feet muddy.


Jaaku wobbled side to side as heavy legs trodded over the crops, ruining many.

The few farmers who stood outside grabbed themselved by their hats.