Fate - First Reply The Sanctuary

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Megalomaniacal Arbiter
A humongous circular, domed, stone building with the entire history of this world and many others chiseled on it's walls and ceiling. There is a great deal of empty space, however, for telling stories that are to come.
The Caretaker lives here, a friendly soul who guards and cleans The Sanctuary, and offers knowledge to all who ask. His soul is bound to The Sanctuary as he chisels out history for all time. He cannot leave. Nor does he want to.
Those with burning questions in their hearts are drawn to this place, seeking answers to all they ask. And the Caretaker will answer them. Be careful, though... you might not like the answer.

At the end of a long hallway, though, is a Door. Sometimes it leaks Darkness, sometimes it radiates Light. Always it is locked.