Fate - First Reply The Nickelhoff Heist


Disciple of Boom

Alliria was known as the world's merchant capital
Gems, Weapons, and Magics all could be bought for a price
Greedy could make an honest living here
But instead our Goblin rolled the dice

Greedy had joined a crew, lead by an Orc named Haru
Who had organized a job to bring in much coin
Nickelhoff the dwarf's bank was to be robbed
For he Nickelhoff kept much treasure to purloin

"Now!" Haru signaled before swinging his sword
That had the orc had formerly concealed
Then the witch sisters three did begin to chant
Surrounding the bank with a magical shield

The tellers began to scream, the guards rose their swords
Greedy pulled out his dagger, ready to clash
But he avoided the guards, relying on his crew
For his target was elsewhere. Nickelhoff's stash
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