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Raigryn Vayd

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To usher in the New years I'm going to drop a series of bits of information about Arethil and how we went about making this place.​

Some of them will be interesting. Some will very silly.

Here's the first:

Originally the site's main theme was going to be green. It was going to feature some background art of the Eldyr Tree which was a location we were going to make more important to the setting.

We didn't get permission to use the art so we went with Rune Theme as the default before release and sort of forgot about the Eldyr Tree...

Maybe it will feature in an event in 2021


Civilisations on Arethil have been around far, far longer than those on earth. Tens and tens of thousands of years, but the world keeps falling into dark ages.​

Arethil is slowly coming out of one of these now. Reading and writing are still the privilege of the few, but it is starting to trickle down into the merchant classes from the nobility.​

Fake news, Raigryn Vayd, Balls island is still around!


It even inspired the name of the river!
Uh, I mean, world-building is serious business.

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