Entertainment My First Nomination :)

Myrcella Bochanan

Eldest daughter of House Bochanan
Character Biography
Hey there everyone!

Only a small handful of people know me here, but I'm a voice over actress that's been in video games, commercials and now audio dramas too! With the latter I've been nominated for my performance in a supporting role in a Warhammer40k audio drama titled "When All Lights Go Out". I play Abigail Pike. If some of you (or all of you!) could vote for me, (Carla Mack) that'd be fantastic! My friend Cari Scholtens is also nominated for Best Performance in a Leading role. She plays Ardel Mane. You can find the prpduction by Cold Open Stories on youtube, spotify, apple podcasts and the like.

The voting process is a bit lengthy as they have pages for each category (32 of them!) but we'd greatly appreciate your support!

Thanks so much everyone <3