Staff Loot Runners

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Raigryn Vayd

Character Biography

The eccentric arch-wizard Grangomelle has decided that his prized collection of artefacts needs to be passed on to worthy adventurers before he passes away.

Word has spread far and wide that he will be arranging events where the bravest folk can compete to win these prizes. Grangomelle has found or created dangerous dungeons and mazes and hidden his treasures. Those capable of reaching them have proven they are worthy of wielding them. Or so the mad old wizard has said...

Loot runners will be coming this Friday short (one week) dungeon running threads. New monsters and challenges will appear each time. Threads will be very light-touch DM and you'll be expected to advance on your own as long as you give the challenges serious respect. There will be no restrictions on posting several times a day.

Our first items of loot are slowly being revealed through the Loot Runners Category on the wiki: Link.

For the first event Grangomelle has demanded adventurers enter the challenge in pairs so find a partner character and join the Loot Runners group in the #roles channel on Discord more information!

  • This will not be DM'd event. The introduction will outline the challenges ahead and writers are expected to play them out. Might be a few tweaks along the way
  • This is a quick write format. In your pairs you can posts back and forth as quickly as you want to try and reach loot (which will be hidden in different sections of any week's dungeon/location
  • One item (Chapter this week) will be award to the "winning" team. They will be chosen based on loose (very loose) criteria I invent. Other items are up for grabs. You can rush to them, wait to mug those who took them on the way out, come up with new ways to find them. All I ask is that you give the challenges ahead of you some respect in your writing
  • Also, every team taking part will get a minor trinket made by the wizard himself.