Letters Hey there, Undead... It's me, ya boi...

Discussion in 'The Chronicles' started by TTamark, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. TTamark

    TTamark Steve Will's son

    Oct 21, 2018
    not Elbion
    Character Biography:
    Dear, Literally anyone from Eternum,

    It is me Steve, The guy who left to get you more undead/mounts. So I haven't heard from you since I left... is everything going well? I would love if you could send me a letter back sometime telling me where we are going to be actually setting up the nation. It is one thing to sent lone messenger for you, it will be a lot harder for me to find you myself if all I have to go off of is one of my chickens I sent with you so you could message me, and a potato of growing potatoes.

    The fact that I have not yet felt the new garden from it means one of three things: you all died so you never planted it, in which case I am sorry that happened to you, You don't know how to use it, in which case you plant the potato, and it will rapidly grow one of my gardens no matter what. Lastly forgot to plant it even though all I told you was to use the potato, and write me. Once more if you all died I am sooo sorry.

    Anyway I have some pretty cool beasties I could bring over if you decide to write. The flying horses are not going to just fly there themselves. Especially after all I went through to get them.

    I'm going to be a bit yet, trying to snag some corpses from the battle of Belgrath.

    Lots of love, Steve.

    P.S: The enclosed vial is some of my stew, enjoy!
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  2. Amankh Kaltar

    Amankh Kaltar Herald of the Sands

    Nov 30, 2018
    Character Biography:
    Dear Spudmancer Supreme Steve,

    We have received your letter, although your opting for a simple fowl to send a letter rather than a bird has likely delayed our acquisition of it. Hopefully, the poultry will remember where you are in order to send this reply. Our march is going according to plan, but our destination is still far. So far, it has been uneventful, with our progress remaining steady due to the welcome lack of need for sleep that comes with being undead. For me, I have been spending the time researching this time and world, as well as trying to... accustom my magic to this new setting. It seems calling the sands is a skill that won't find much use in the tundra once we arrive, so it seems to be in the Eternum's best interests to alter it. It seems somewhat insulting for magic to have been simplified so much since I had last walked the sands, but I suppose once the empire had fallen, the need to rebuild your knowledge of magic into the primitive state it is in now was great.

    I will neither confirm nor deny the possibility that we have forgotten to plant the potato you have so graciously given us. It is true we have all died, but that was in the past, and planting the potato is not the most challenging instruction. While the potato is not in my possession currently, I do believe that it would be best served as a crop in the tundra, when we have found a suitable location for the Eternum's capital and there is no need for constant movement. I will see what can be done regarding this potato, however.

    We will eagerly await your arrival with the mounts so as to expedite the journey. Something with a capacity of flight could aid in us not being attacked or raided along the way to the Tundra, as well as solve the interesting conundrum of having to cross an ocean. I trust that these horses did not manage to put up much of a fight against you.

    The soup is much appreciated. To eat something that doesn't merely fall down one's ribs is a comfort.

    May Abtatu be with you,
    Amankh Kaltar, The Herald of the Sands and Chosen of Abtatu
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