Commander Xillian

Egyptaboo Prime
I was told good things of this place by a friend of mine. I'm already in the discord, made a few comments and such, but I thought I'd make one of these. Let everyone know who I am. A few things to share, I suppose;

Been RPing for years, it's a rather consistent hobby of mine. Writing or tabletop, Vidya or larp, I've enjoyed it all. I'm Fairly active normally, though with life it always like to toss wrenches in schedules. I'm studying to become an Egyptologist, and have a love of history and fantasy. Not such an avid reader, but it is a favorite way to pass the time. And, of course, I consider myself a wonderful tactician and strategist, hence the title "Commander".

I'm eager to explore the site, see if it's a good fit, and enjoy some shenanigans along the way!