Titanfall From the Precipice

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Raigryn Vayd

Character Biography
The letters of E. Vergeßo-Avellini

Progress at the dig site is beyond my expectations. I was hesitant about forming this alliance. However not only have they kept us safe in this dangerous land, but they are exceptionally dilligint workers. They continue the work all through the day and night with barely a complaint.

I wish I could say the same of the expedition force I brought with me. They complain of the climate, of the food, of the losses we suffered upon arrival.

They are not the only voices of dissent. I do not know if this Seneschal is a ghost or some guardian spirit but she continues to urge us to stop. If the Herald was so concerned of our efforts to recover the greatness of the past it would have stopped us itself.

I suspect that within just a few days we will reach the central chamber.

And my financiers thought we were here to make maps.