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    Aug 3, 2018
    Discord is a popular hotspot for group chatting and the Chronicles RP board has its own server. You can find the link on our front page on the top right; there is a button that says Join our Discord Server. All of the Chronicles RP board’s policies apply to our server; from behavior to roleplay - but there are a few extra things that are applicable specifically to our Discord.


    • Follow Wheaton’s Law- “Don’t be a Dick”. In real time chatting especially, it's easy to get carried away with an argument, take sarcastic humor too far, or just be generally rude. If a Staff Member requests you to drop a subject - do it. They are trying to save you from going too far. Should you ignore the warning, you could be booted out of the server for a few hours. How do you know who is staff? They have custom titles and colors. If you click their name you will see their custom title, Admin or Moderator.

    • If you find yourself met with passive aggressive comments, having a heated debate that is starting to go downhill, someone is being outrageously rude or being a disruption to chat - use the PM feature to contact an Admin or a Moderator. Copy all of the logs and post them into your report so we can get the full scope of the issue. If this happens over Voice Chat, please explain in detail what happened, and who was around during the incident.
    • Sometimes someone isn't breaking any actual rules, but they are causing you distress. You're not going to like everyone at Chronicles RP and we understand this. Make use of the ignore function to make those annoyances disappear. It'll make less stressful for you, and less awkward for everyone else.
    • Please do not spam. These messages will be deleted. If you want to share a bunch of images, links, or videos - use the proper channels. This prevents burying and flooding out the main channels right in the middle of people's conversations. There are plenty of other discord chats for spamming images, as well as private DM's.
    • Please only curse in moderation. Our Discord server contains a tasteful semi NSFW channel named #Tavern_OOC_Chat. This way you can share jokes, funny pictures, and risque items safely. However this is not an excuse to spam images, make fun of people, or in general bring down the community. After all, much like our forum, people go on discord while at work, at school, with their family or just out in public in general, this allows them to mute the channel. However, although some silly and lewd conversations may take place here, you are not allowed to link porn or any images that may be considered to be distasteful. Keep it reasonable. It is a place to have a more relaxed atmosphere, not 4chan.
    • You are allowed to talk about other roleplay sites as you please. Share your experiences. But please avoid trash talking other websites. We would not appreciate other sites doing it to us, so we will not do it to others.
    • Feel free to go to the #Roles channel to assign your rank based on what organization your characters may be aligned with:
    Credit to Diana for the original guide.
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