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    Greetings, fellow Chroniclers,

    With so much growth in the past four months since we started in membership and activity in the Discord Chat, Chronicles Staff has come to the conclusion that we need a little more help to manage the activity.

    As such, we are searching for a member that might be interested in becoming a new Discord Mod for our Chronicles Discord Chat. If you would like to help out the community, we would love to have you! Duties will include the following:

    Discord Moderator
    Standard Duties of a Moderator
    • Welcome new members in the New Members forum and New Members discord.
    • Assist with moderating the Discord Chat to ensure the Discord Chat Policies Guidelines are adhered to.
    • Note all disputes between members both internal and external and bring them to Staff's attention.
    • Positively encourage writer growth and environment in the Discord Chat and Board.
    • Actively assist members that are looking for help in getting plugged into ChroniclesRP Roleplays or have questions regarding the board.
    • Discord Chat Accessibility and activity is mandatory for application of duties.
    Please note, we expect the following Staff Conduct of all Moderators:

    If you are interested in applying, please send a Private Board Message to all of the following Staff Members: Malachi Kasim Areth Raigryn Vayd, and Kyver. Please read everything and follow the directions in your application or they may be declined.

    Discord Mod Application
    1. Your Chronicles’ Board Name (main account)
    2. Discord Name
    3. Why do you want to become a Discord Mod?
    4. Any previous examples of moderator work? (Not required, but we would like to know)

    ~Chronicles Staff
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