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This is a lore discussion/plotting spot for archeology, but it's also a lil bit of ooc for a thread that is not there yet. I'll link to it when it's here.

People with a keen eye might have noticed that the proper name of Maraan is 'The town of (The arches of )Maraan' and not just Maraan. It might as well be an argot at this point. what's that place called? 'Maraan' or 'The town of the arches of Maraan'.
Colloquially everyone calls it Maraan, ain't nothing wrong with that, but you'll never see it in an official document!

The town of Maraan might be easy to swallow. The arches are Maraan, right? But...then why is it also called the Arches OF Maraan. So are the Arches Maraan or is Maraan elsewhere... How do we know it wasn't some giant that placed these arches here from somewhere else...or...
Truth be told there was something beneath that town since the day it was first written about... And we should go dig...

two arches on a desert overlooking a walled city.

(Note that the name mixup existed since the town first appeared and is very well embraced because it makes the Lore of the place that much more real and people preferring to use a common name very much aligns with verisimilitude!!)

Note that we're going to grandfather in Gnollish excavations, some older threads we might subsume into this bit as they do illustrate a little of what's on the table. There was also an older thread with a very victorian (feeling) chap and this really reminded me of it. Sadly not finished.

I'm not entirely sure yet what characters I'm using aside from the 'force of nature'. when I'm dropping clues But I'll be setting up some fun dig sites and hopefully they'll be fun!
Surveying through the discord I've learned:
-people are more interested in stories and less in personal gain.
-research is fun. So you're not getting spoonfed one bit(well maybe a little)!
-finds to ponder about piecing together yourself, or puzzles...maybe.

So if you liked messing with the murals of Chronicle's Malakath revealing event, you're in for a treat.
We start with Maraan and I expect a chill thread. Drop down some suggestions for preferences for further excavations.

Nidraak (Lead breadcrumber)
Kiros Rahnel (!!!)
Empyrean (Let's) Dingo (Go) TapathyWR (Dig!)
(Always welcoming more)

Relevant PCs and NPCs:
-list pending-

Links to the thread for easy access
-please be patient, nid is lazy-


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Stay wary of metagaming as a lot of stuff will be written down for items, not everyone character saw! :D If an item is scholarly described, it'll have that extra detail to it and be considered public knowledge.
Some items may be in possession of various entities that might not be willing to share their findings publically. Great excuse for more threads!
Other than that, great for OOC discourse before we settle down on what and how to archive this in the Wiki down the line.

Item 1: Mural fragment of a gnollish deity

Truth cannot be forced. Twisted and moulded into lies it becomes.
Oh Imhotat, Lord of truth, bring us knowing.
Lord of knowing, bring us truth.
Not dated, not described.
Unknown finding location.
In the possession of the Blacklands gnolls.
Item 2: Mural fragment of a gnollish deity

He was not first, yet he was most loved,
Basaph saw in him, what Husit was not.
Her cradle - spread his seed of life.
Not dated, not described.
Found in the Red Viper confluence.
In the possession of the Blacklands gnolls.
Thread: https://chroniclesrp.net/threads/Šaltanus-reigns.4410/#post-120606
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My Artamese's body is ready. > : O
She specializes in studying old and/or forgotten magic and how it ties into a civilization's culture. She considers herself a researcher and linguist. She loves a good challenge and will probably immerse herself in any known documentation she can get her hands on. Absolutely looking forward to this.