Quest Allir Reach Expedition

Organization specific roleplay for governments, guilds, adventure groups, or anything similar

Derian Tucker

Allir Reach Expedition

Within the lands of Allir Reach, there have been many mishappenings on the vast farmland that spread across its plains. The farmers have been receiving troubles from outcasts of Bhathairk and the Areck Slums where many outraged, or for Bhathiark, dishonorable Orc has been banished from. The local peasants have an outcry for help from the Alliria government, but they only scream back with eviction threats for loss of profits, for the government has been built around trade. This led to more independent grazing and left the farmland for free reign of hungry Orc to feast on due to a withdraw in government security. The farmers now stand alone and with no security and dwindling farmland with an outcry for help beyond their colonies.

RP Guidelines:
- Minimum of 1-2 sentences
- Max of 1 paragraph (5 sentences)
- No PvP
- No proper roleplay order
- Be at least Semi-literate