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    Character Biography:
    A contract has been posted to the billboard at the Adventurers Guild office in Elbion.

    {Exterminators needed.}
    Dealing with a swarm of creatures of unusual size migrating through the wilderness, attacking villages and solitary settlements along the way and kidnapping or killing those who live there.
    {Scout Report: The swarm has taken up residence in some ruins of a long lost kingdom many miles south west of Elbion, near the village of Keystone. It appears the swarm is resting there while feeding off the village livestock and people. Local authorities don't seem to have resources available to deal with this threat.}

    {Base Reward: 20 gold per insect head collected.}
    {Full Reward: 1'000 gold for the head of the queen.}​

    It's a village posting, so the pay and offer was really all that they could conjure up to afford the base reward requirements. But they were also well off enough to fulfil the requirements for a full reward offer as well. And considering the value of gold they see this as a very generous offer.

    (This RP is a double purpose. The Swarm Weirds are a new race that needs more PC's involved to give them flesh and lore. So this is an opportunity for recruitment/assimilation into the swarm as well as an opportunity to revive a sense of adventuring in Chronicles in search of treasure and reward.)

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