1. Zael Castomir

    Private Tales What is Common to Mankind

    (Art Credit) Zael Castomir did have work to do in the great city of Elbion, but he also had a few reasons (cough, excuses) to slack off. First of all, preparations for the big Festival of Fiery Skies were making things a little difficult. Second of all, his work wasn't exactly time sensitive...
  2. Violetta Amrita Primrose

    Fate - First Reply Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints.

    Heartfoul Tavern - Somewhere In the Falwood The universe had told Violetta over and over again recently that she was just a mortal. It was a curious thing to want to beat into the head of someone who did all she could to feel alive. Approaching forty, Violetta had still felt like she was...
  3. Myconids

    The Capfolk of the Underground
  4. Sierra

    Private Tales Dangerous Ground

    Sierra sat stiffly in the wagon with a cargo of wooden wine barrels. Gloved fingers tightened on the reigns of the restless mare. It was late, well past midnight. She was at a junction in the city. Not too close to the Academy but close enough that it kept her on high alert. Eyes narrowed...
  5. Kraq-Gal of the Boglands

    Private Tales In the Land of the Black Sky

    "What is it?" Kraq-Gal growled, orange eyes peering into the shadowy abyss that had been ripped open in the earth. It was like starring into the heart of night itself - so dark that it felt as if even his words were swallowed by the shadows. Even the ooz of the spawning pits were not as...
  6. Xunari Auceus

    The Great Ones (Open) Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

    Xunari was contemplating murder and that was something she did not do lightly. Something really had to go wrong for her to contemplate murdering someone who was directly under her command as well but there were just some crimes that were absolutely unforgivable. In her mind some things were...
  7. Brenna

    Private Tales Upside Down

    Damnit. Brenna frowned as the deer she had been hunting moved at the last moment and her arrow thudded into the tree behind its head. It turned sharply towards her position and then bounded off back to the comforts of the forest thicket instead of the large open frozen meadow she had been...
  8. S

    Quest Forgotten Treasures

    The Underrealm Lokdrarlig Syvis sat quietly on a rock, holding the map that she had been given just a few days before. The spot where she now sat was exactly where it had been marked on the map, and having arrived early she'd spent the last two hours studying the massive stone gate that she...