the wild hunt

  1. Midir

    Fae Courts Hounds & Horns

    Can you hear the Hunter’s Horn, Sounding in the forest deep? Can you hear the pounding of hooves When night creeps in and people sleep? In the dark night can you feel That rush of wind- that fleeting chill? Standing in the night-time wood What will be his latest kill? The sound of Horns and...
  2. Midir

    Fae Courts The Delights of the Wild Hunt

    Can you hear the Fairy Horn? It echoes o'er the lands At harvest time When the moons are very thin. Can you hear the Fairy Horn? It travels on the wind. No birds, no mice, no bubbling brook Dares disturb the call. Can you hear the Fairy Horn? And the braying of the hounds? The Hunt she calls...