1. Tharu San'Seya

    Private Tales Of Similar Cloth

    If ever Tharu thought that he needed an alternative to the grandiose and massive Grovehaven Castle, then the small patch of land that the Brothers Vitae inhabited would likely be such a home away from home. The Hidden Estate as they called it, rested on a small patch of fertile land within the...
  2. Tharu San'Seya

    Private Tales Right Place, Right Time

    Tharu took a deep breath of the Faewild air, holding it in his lungs and letting it linger for as long as his body could manage before exhaling again. It was so rare that he was allowed to travel this far from his court's home of Falwood that Tharu felt an innate need to savor every second of...
  3. Tharu San'Seya

    Private Tales Follow Your Truth

    The castle that stood tall where the lush grove had once rested was massive and immaculate, a testament to the dedication of its new King on turning the Spring Court into something that was respected and acknowledged by all. The city that would be built surrounding it would house the throes that...