stab stab

  1. Talus

    Private Tales The Stabby Thread

    Vel Anir - Morrid House The Anirian Guard had been good to him, better than anyone had his entire life in fact. Most officers treated him with respect, most soldiers looked up to him, and everyone else simply saw him as one of their own. It was a nice change of pace, so much so that Talus...
  2. Simin Omid

    Open Chronicles Service With a Tail

    Ship-Shape Tavern Interior Simin had bustled around the tables, a few feet finding their way into the path as an armful of plates nearly went flying in all directions. Had it not been for the Komodo's tail catching them so readily, a few patrons would have been wearing leftovers, rather than...
  3. Thren

    Open Chronicles Rolling Plains[Bandit Hunt]

    Allir Reaches - Northern Plains Around him was a clatter of swords, armor, and horses as various sell-swords gathered their equipment and prepared to mount up. Most of them Thren didn't know, and in truth didn't want to know. They were all here for the same reason really; money. It appeared...