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  • The Veil Falls

    Three times a year Lessat, the largest of Arethil's two moons, eclipses the sun. This time the event falls on Hallow's Eve. All across the world spirits start to appear, reliving their gruesome ends. They cannot be interacted with.

    Join us for this year's Halloween event. More information coming soon!

  1. Kallirrhoe Aedus

    Private Tales The Enchantment In the Woods

    (OOC: tales place 31 years ago, starting a day or so after Ser Gavin Halbert rescued Kallirrhoe Aedus ) Rhoe thought they weren't traveling fast enough. Despite the fact that she had been able to make love to Gavin the night before, in all other ways, fear still held her immobile. How come she...
  2. Kallirrhoe Aedus

    Completed Gods Help the Outcast (past thread)

    Rhoe could smell the flames already if not the smoke. Or was that just her imagination? Well, soon, it wouldn't be. And then she'd have no imagination whatsoever, for she would cease to exist. Tied to the stake for a crime she did not commit. Actually, she wasn't even sure it was a crime...
  3. Melusine Flarell

    Quest The Stuff Nightmares are Made On

    Melusine had been called upon- though probably rather reluctantly to some- by the people of her village to help find a monster. The problem was that she didn't even know what kind, she was just aware that something with rather big feet had been walking through fields and eating people's crops...
  4. Melusine Flarell

    Completed Of all the places to get stranded.... (Oban)

    Melusine loathed being here. She never stayed very long in Oban when she had to come at all. She was well aware that in many ways, women with magic were second-class citizens here. But having returned not long ago from a visit to some friends in Elbion, it was the next closest city. and while...
  5. Aeyliea

    Quest Cult of Calamity

    Only a few of the victims among the wreckage still stirred, and their piteous moans and wails grew weaker by the hour, by the minute. The stink of burning flesh and goods hung in a pall on the still air, so uncommon in the foothills of the Spine. The assailants had not walked away from this...