1. MysticHealer

    Open Chronicles Sea Side

    Kyra had finished treating everyone in a seaside port. One thing she would never truly do is go over water. Be it a river or the ocean. It had nothing to do with any childhood fear it just she didn’t what could be in the waters below. So, she tended to not go to them. Any water she had Kyra got...
  2. cooper

    Open Chronicles A whaler's tale

    The rush of the sea is one that can break any man. No one person can possibly stand against the tides of it's gushing blue and white. Yet such challenges have never been one to hold back the aspirations of man. It is mankind's foremost trait after all to seek to conquer the unconquerable. To...
  3. Sauvan

    Private Tales The ocean swallows you whole.

    Swooosh swoosh. Swoosh The gray-blue sky expanded over the sea with not a single cloud upon it. The moon was but a white crescent with an array of wanishing stars behind it. The sun will soon rise higher than before, banishing stars and the pink trim upon the horizon. The sea would turn darker...