1. Esmeralda Sophia Le Roux

    Open Chronicles The Mountain Queen and the Dragon Valley

    The Kingdom of Rotue had been under the great yet soft leadership of King Abraham Le Roux, now a new legacy had started to develop - that was the legacy of Princess Esmeralda Sophia Le Roux, first born daughter to the King and his Queen, eldest child and the future ruler of Rotue. The Princess...
  2. Val

    Private Tales Behind the Mask

    Obann - Rellin Estate "Alright. I'm going to need a bottle of wine and a fine ass to put my-" Val cut himself off as his father stepped in front of him. The wold man was wearing what appeared to be an owl mask, likely thinking himself terribly clever for having donned the guise of an animal...
  3. Nym

    Fable - Ask The daughter of Soleiman..

    The windows only served as a torment to her.. They were more like paintings, now, a decoration of the walls from which the sun streamed like a flamboyant guest, not waiting for an invitation. Her bare feet could feel where the rays warmed the cool tiled floors as she paced, back and forth, a...