1. Derian Tucker

    Quest Allir Reach Expedition

    - Allir Reach Expedition Introduction: Within the lands of Allir Reach, there have been many mishappenings on the vast farmland that spread across its plains. The farmers have been receiving troubles from outcasts of Bhathairk and the Areck Slums where many outraged, or for Bhathiark...
  2. Gerhold

    LFG A Call to a Journey

    Hello there, everyone! I've finally gotten settled on the site, and got around to finish my character's sheet. With that in mind, I believe it's time to get to try him out on a roleplay! The link to Gerhold Zimmermann's info is here; just click on the name! That said, let's get into the...
  3. A

    Open Chronicles The Runaway Slave

    The wind passed through the grasses of the wide and open field, shaking them as though they were smoldering flames. The sun could be seen rising, beams of light breaking through the clouds to paint the grassland in orange light. It was a quiet morning, with the most intruding sound being that of...
  4. Illyria Daemyar

    Discussion How did you become interested in roleplaying?

    As writers, we all started somewhere with getting involved in roleplaying. Whether it was chat rp, tabletop, forum roleplaying, or messenger rp, we all began somewhere. What’s your story?
  5. Malachi

    Avatar and Signature Test Thread

    Feel free to post a reply on this Avatar and Signature Test thread if you are trying out new artwork.