1. Ralene

    Private Tales Dragonhide

    Sagarus Sandrun Trade Route - 2 weeks Ride Northwest of Vel Anir Seemed like she'd only just returned from this direction not but a few weeks ago, out on mission with her fellow Initiate Henk to track down an unknown threat. Now she traveled the Sandrun once again, only this time in the...
  2. Veithir

    Private Tales This Ill Fate

    The Autumn Court Laigin Continued from here. The time taken to return had been within Veithir's estimation. And save for stopping to remove that nauseating armor the girl wore before traveling the Ley there weren't any unexpected stops needing to be made. Time was of the essence, after all...
  3. Ralene

    Fable - Ask Do You Wanna Build A Runesaber?

    Dreadlord Academy Southern Training Grounds Forge Hall Late afternoon, the sun hung in a dreary haze of humid ambiance along the western horizon. A heady mist settled along the perimeter of the academy grounds, clinging to dewey grasses and lingering along the edges of the surrounding dark...