portal stone

  1. M

    Completed Betrayer. Oathbreaker.

    A ragged figure moving across the landscape. Mischa Ven'rohk walked, the Elbion portal stone at her back. The dead and desolate farmland, the lasting wound of Pandemonium upon Arethil, stretched in a massive circle from the stone. Tilled fields and managed farmland on the perimeter of the...
  2. Neremyn Virvyre

    LFG Trade routes and druidism

    If anyone is interested in some writing with an old elf, I'd like to do something in either the area around Elbion/Falwoods or even...Thiria. Ere is heavily focused on maintaining/establishing trade routes, promoting the spread of Druidism, and is a low key capable Empath. I'd be up for any...
  3. Harrier

    Open Chronicles Dumb Ways To Die

    NORTH ABERRESAI SAVANNAH - THE COAST I stared at the portal stone, and the portal stone stared back. I'd used one before, of course. I'd made and sold portal keys - what serious magician hasn't? In another life, I'd even written a scroll on the linguistics of the whispers some claim to hear...