ostia anir

  1. Kristen Pirian

    Completed The Noblest of Deeds

    VEL AERELOS, COUNCILORS' HALLS Vel Aerelos was, as always, a grand splendor to behold. A feast for the eyes with its warm cedars and smooth inlaid stone walls, gentle lighting from its magical wall and ceiling lamps, the glossy shine of its marble floors. Yet Kristen couldn't properly...
  2. Walter Banick

    Fable - Ask The Canal

    OSTIA ANIR "Stop the carriage." Walter's bannerman banged on the driver's side wall of the carriage's interior. The driver slowed the horses and the carriage came to a slow stop, the rest of the mounted entourage stopping as well. Horses milled, tapping their hooves against the clean cobbles...