on the road

  1. Nennu

    Private Tales A New World

    Tag: @Kido Clawrush It had been days since Nennu was excommunicated from her home, though still unbeknownst to her. The young Fae still believed to just be sent over to an aunt at the Spring Court until her parents had gotten her accident under control. As such she's been following a hidden...
  2. Seteta

    Private Tales Of Sand & Dragonfire
    Threadmarks: A Little Shop in Fal'Addas

    This was the farthest Seteta had ever been from home. Well, from Amol-Kalit, at least. It wasn't really home anymore, not since her tribe had disbanded and been absorbed into other tribes. She could have gone with any other number of her fellow Abtati, but none of the tribes willing to take her...
  3. K

    Letters Dwarven Roamings

    Autumn 4th Wodensday En Route to Vel Anir Father, I hope this finds you well and in good health. Give Mother and my siblings my love. I am on the road towards Vel Anir. I've been travelling the Spine the majority of my days since I left the Hold, and everywhere I hear of the peerless...