1. Zeri Rekani

    Fable - Ask May the Spirits guide your Journey

    Zeri Rekani had been summoned by the Bhathairk Council of Elders. Entrusted, after she vehemently volunteered, with a task that might help solve the riddle of Anima. The woman Zeri herself had found inside the black heart of the Amalgamation. The monster that had come close to destroying...
  2. Fallon

    Open Chronicles Bedtime Stories - Introduction to the Garou

    The Caern - The Mountains of The Spine - Nightfall "Tell us again Fallon, please!" The pack's den, the Caern, was nestled safely in a system of caves in the mountains of the spine, and today they had hunted and ate well, but darkness had started to close in and the children had pestered and...
  3. Ragna

    Open Chronicles They Might Be Giants

    The central Spine mountains, north east of Crobhear Lake. There was always snow to be found in the Spine. Even the hottest summers couldn't remove it from the higher peaks and valleys. The spine of the world, peaks so high that they held up the sky. They were the dominant feature on the horizon...