1. Wargheit

  2. Krait

  3. Hahnah

    Fate - First Reply The Butterfly

    (Intrepid Daily) Dawn was breaking. The sun was obscured by a thin white layer of clouds overcasting the sky from horizon to horizon. Many trees in this northern part of Falwood and this time of year were shed of their leaves, their branches naked and gnarled, like strange capillaries reaching...
  4. Hahnah

    Fable - Ask Fire on the Horizon

    It all spiraled out of control. Several elven towns near the Falwood Portal Stone banded together to push back against the encroaching grasp of influence from Vel Anir. There had been some resistance in the past--shadowed schemes and guerrilla fighting--but this was nothing short of meeting a...
  5. Hahnah

  6. Sandbox Manticore

  7. Basilisk

  8. Displacer Beast

  9. Rammal Zabal

  10. Sandbox Lani'Kohola

  11. Sandbox Zephyr Wolf

  12. Primal Behemoth

  13. Erwin Geschwind

    Private Tales More Then Thine Self

    “It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.” -Dalai Lama "What a bloody pain..." Corporal Erwin Geschwind, a Strojland huntsman, muttered to himself as he rubbed his neck. It was a fine crisp morning, might have been...
  14. Abomination

    Open Chronicles A game of hide and seek

    Roplayers (sorted in turns): Abomination(me), Erantiel (Feel free to msg and join) Deep in the towns of Elibion, everything seems usual. The shopkeepers doing their own thing, the soldiers keeping the peace. Things happen, but in general, the places is safe from invading monsters and other...
  15. Calibar the Colorful

    LFG Monster for Sale!

    Have you ever thought to yourself, "Why don't I have my very own monstrous killing machine to unleash upon my enemies? Maybe I should make one." First off, don't! It's incredibly dangerous and foolhardy to try and create your own monster. So instead, why not buy one of your very own in Cerak...
  16. Lazule

    Open Chronicles The Stalker of Minds

    Rostok. The ghost town. And there underneath the fire burns. A consuming of the blackstone, the furnace fueling itself in the copious deposits of the tunnels. An accident which years ago sparked the lasting flame. The seeping of toxic gas up from those depths. Wisps and great plumes alike...
  17. Abomination, the ooze

    *Overview Name: *Abomination *Species: *Ooze (Formerly Elf) *Age: 3 (*As Ooze) 63 (including previous life and times its hibernated) *Height: *Various (2.3 m Max) *Weight: *Heavy *Hair: *None *Eyes: *None *Skin: [/*
  18. Lazule

    Completed Reckoning

    "Bayou Garramarisma," said the smuggler. A scoff and a laugh. As if he didn't believe her. "Now why, given all the hellholes Arethil has to offer, would a lady like you want to go there?" "There hides a monster," Lazule said. Her brow narrowed. The look in her eye intense. "As it is said in the...
  19. Lazule

    Quest The Ancient Dweller

    ((Mists of Rivendell by Enrico Fossati)) His name was Zeng. And he was a monster. So Lazule chased after him. A beacon of light pursuing the fleeing dark. * * * * * Another small village. Annihilated. Fires burned around her. Pillars of black smoke rising up to the gray clouds above like...
  20. Sasha Dragonheart