1. Kehlani Emerson

    Private Tales A Criminal's Mercy

    *Dock Somewhere in Alliria* "I'm going give you one more chance, wrench... who the hell are you? and what's your business in Alliria?" called out a deep wolfish voice from the shadows of the room. "I never kiss and tell..." Kehlani said letting her grayish-blue eyes pierce through the shadowy...
  2. Kehlani Emerson

    Private Tales Judge For Mercy

    *Aboard a Nordenfiir Ship* The waves were calm, lapping up against the side of the Nordenfiir ship trying to hug tightly only to be pulled away again. A dark cloaked figure watch as the small ripples in the water would lap up again and again. As the waves were calming, so was the nightly...