1. Kiia Sidra

    Private Tales The Sandstorm

    Kiia had spent the last few months in marble palaces and bustling desert metropolises. It had been comfortable, for sure, but she enjoyed the chances she got to go back to her nomadic, tribal roots. She was not always High Priestess; a century ago she was merely "priestess," or "healer," or even...
  2. White Swallow

    Open Chronicles Tea in Maraan

    Maraan occasionally seemed like the most lively town on the eastern side of the Baal-Asha. Once a mere caravanserai, it was now one of the most established trade places in the wider region. Indeed, the town was alive and well with many flags fluttering off its bannered gate. And of course...
  3. Janan Hanif

    Open Chronicles Gossip and Coffee

    It was an average morning in Maraan. Busy merchants were setting up their stalls and shop, assistants and interns were working hard and hurrying, placing the right goods with the correct prices. In a mashrabiya, overlooking the main street, an old elf was sorting her documents. Despite still...