• The Veil Falls

    Three times a year Lessat, the largest of Arethil's two moons, eclipses the sun. This time the event falls on Hallow's Eve. All across the world spirits start to appear, reliving their gruesome ends. They cannot be interacted with.

    Join us for this year's Halloween event. More information coming soon!

  1. Trajan Meng

    LFG - Quest Destroying the Luminari LFG

    Trajan Meng has been the ideological leader of a human supremacist organization for a while. And now the time has come for him to destroy what he has created. But he cannot do it alone. Will you answer the call? A force of 200-250 Luminari Purists (the extremist faction that took over Trajan's...
  2. Trajan Meng

    Completed Wandering Creek

    He knew what he had to do. Trajan Meng, embattled and beleaguered, had made his way back to Vel Anir. This after an ordeal that nearly claimed his life in Alliria. This after he had seen everything he worked for, everything he believed in, come crashing down around him in an instant. His hope...
  3. Trajan Meng

    Open Chronicles Failing Grasp

    They had come seeking one thing: the liberation of Trajan Meng. And they were prepared to bloody their hands if need be. Khadija Han led them, the fifty Luminari warriors gathered in the camp. They were hidden in the wilds, miles distant from the Western Gates of Alliria. Here they were...
  4. Trajan Meng

    Private Tales Deposing the Warlord Gromagg Ur

    Trajan. A distant voice, hollow and echoing as if at the end of a tunnel. Dim awareness of pain above his brow. In his head. All throughout his chest. Dull. Throbbing. Trajan! He opened his eyes, yet all things were a blur. Form and color blended, and in this the lurid bleeding of the...
  5. Trajan Meng

    Completed Oops

    ((Clarissa Mejeure)) Elbion. The Broken Quill inn. Khadija's favorite. And Clarissa Mejeure could only imagine why. Imagine. Ha. She could figure it out. Oh, Kha. So skittish. Wouldn't even talk about her predilections with her best girl Claire. She loved her silly little clocks. Loved...
  6. Madame Valkery

    Private Tales For Mankind

    They had survived. All of them had survived. The band of Idiots had entered the mists, traveled to Pandemonium and returned, and the only death was one of the four mages who they had met in the mist. Valkery was sure that if the mercenaries had not held their nerve so well and taken orders...
  7. Trajan Meng

    Private Tales In the Service of Mankind

    Clarissa Mejeure would never admit it. But she loved fucking elves. It just felt so wrong. So dirty, given what she and the Luminari believed. And that made it fiercely exciting. The taboo of it. And not just elves, though they were her favorite. Orcs. Dwarves. Xenos of all kinds. Thrilling. Oh...