1. Zeri Rekani

    Fable - Ask May the Spirits guide your Journey

    Zeri Rekani had been summoned by the Bhathairk Council of Elders. Entrusted, after she vehemently volunteered, with a task that might help solve the riddle of Anima. The woman Zeri herself had found inside the black heart of the Amalgamation. The monster that had come close to destroying...
  2. Adonis Thedas

    Quest Caravan Mishap

    It was quite the bright day. Birds chirped while they were carried by the small gusts of wind that blew throughout the streets of Alliria. The city was, as always, bustling with commerce. Merchants were lined up on the streets, trying to sell their wares to the people who practically pranced...
  3. TTamark

    Open Chronicles Finding a home

    Steve had just finished packing and was experimenting with the necromantic arts on this his last night here in Elbion, since he would be gone soon he had less need to worry about being found out. Steve had never been skilled at alchemy but he did know enough to infuse bottles with the different...