ixchel wilds

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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Riven Seawraithe

    Fable - Ask Torches Mandatory, Pitchforks . . . Optional?

    The sounds of camp echoed through the clearing at the edge of the Ixchel Wilds. Horses, the clank and clatter of armor, blades, and hammers, the smell of roasting game all blended together beneath the numerous pennants that flapped atop the pavilions. Each was colored in the insignia of their...
  2. Rämna Sisters

    Private Tales Jungle Trek

    The morning arrived with a blanket of fog, and already several men had a fire going for breakfast. Thick slices of ham, fresh eggs, chopped leaks, warm bread, it was a veritable feast. They would all need to eat their fill, as there would not be another meal like this for some time once they...
  3. Jorg

    Private Tales Naked and Alone..ish

    Ixchel Wilds "Aaaahhh fuck." Jorg groaned loudly as he slowly woke up every muscle and bone in his body aching like he'd just suffered a beating by an Allirian street gang. His eyes remained closed as he laid in the dirt, fingers tapping around for a few seconds as he tried to puzzle out where...
  4. Fauna

    Private Tales Down With Civilization!

    The Ixchel Wilds had awoken something in Fauna. While their ties were most directly to the Falwood, they were born of every living being, and maintained a connection even now. The creatures here held a certain… ferocity. Life here was quick, blink and you would miss it. Trees grew to towering...
  5. Stella

    Open Chronicles A Dragon's Plight [Ixchel Wilds]

    The sun had set over the great expanse of greenery that made the endless forests of the Ixchel Wilds. A heady summer evening settled in over the lands, leaving them humid and hot. In the wake of the waning sunlight the nighttime creatures awoke, leaving the shelter of their shaded homes to...
  6. Henry Bauer

    Private Tales What the Wilds Have to Offer

    It was fucking hot. Henry's clothes, a white linen shirt tucked into black trousers, and an unlaced arming doublet was all the First Rank Dreadlord wore. His armor, something easily replaceable, was tossed aside days ago. The saber at his side was the only weapon the man possessed, and he'd...
  7. Freya Thrakin

    Fable - Ask On the Wings of a Myth

    Izerth Cyyrin Jormodo Weylin Kyrel The setting sun streamed through the clouds, painting the sky a beautiful and vast array of oranges and reds as it washed over them with its radiant light. Birds danced through the air, filling the air with their idle songs and calls as they flocked to one...
  8. Banshi

    Private Tales This-one and Another

    The emptiness of the wilderness is always an illusion. Every creature capable of hiding then hid behind anything they could, including behind those of who could not, as a mass of rolling roots and twisting tendrils lumbers through the underbrush of the forest. Moving upon four of the larger...
  9. N

    Open Chronicles Fire In The Wilds

    Ixchel Wilds - Central Nayella could smell the flames from miles away. Even in the humid heat of the Wilds the smoke seemed to permeate the air, covering all the scents of the jungles around her. The smoke was a stark contrast to the running water of the river bed besides her, and the fact...
  10. Raigryn Vayd

    Quest What remains

    Dusty stopped when her hooves approached the boundary between life and death. Raigryn hadn't expected it to be such a clear demarcation. They stood on soft, green grass. A small contingent of adventurers as well as a squad of dwarven warriors from Belgrath. Ahead of them nothing grew. Dead...