1. Caeso Diemut

    Fable - Ask Drunken Mess, Part II

    Vel Yuna. The Yuna Lager tavern. Before noon, but definitely far past sunrise. Caeso awoke on the sticky floor and the first thing which greeted him was a keen awareness of the smell of dried vomit. He didn't know whose it was. Kress, he hoped it wasn't his. There was a draft. Why was there a...
  2. Zael Castomir

    Fable - Ask Drunken Mess

    Vel'Yuna. The Yuna Lager Tavern. Before noon, but definitely far past sunrise. Zael awoke on the floor, and he felt like absolute shit. Ugggh...where did his shirt go? And his breastplate? And the rest of his armor, what the hell? He was in just his pants, not even boots. And he had dried puke...
  3. Jane

    Open Chronicles Mornings are Rough

    Jane groaned. The back of her hand dragged across her face. Flopped down on the other side of her body. She groaned again. And, strangely, a rooster started crowing--a rooster that was way too close to be anywhere other than right next to her ear. No. No, damn it, I cast banish on the sun...